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CFR Student Group Events

The events of the CFR Student Group are aimed at students, who are particularly interested in Finance. The aim of these events is to provide a link between academic training and practice in relevant fields. The events are open to all interested students.

For questions regarding the CFR Student Group and their events please send an email to:

Time Table SS 2005

Mo, 09.05.2005, 7 pm, Repetitorium Hemmer
The Next Frontier: Building an Integrated Strategy for Value Creation
Speaker: Frank Paschke
Mo, 30.05.2005, 7 pm, Repetitorium Hemmer
Axa Rosenberg
Quantitative Aktienanalyse
Speaker: Achim Stranz
Mo, 06.05.2005, 5 pm, Repetitorium Hemmer
Leveraged Finance - Banker als Helfershelfer der Heuschrecken?
Mi, 08.06.2005, 2 pm, Düsseldorf
Einführung in Bloomberg
Mo, 16.06.2005, 7 pm, Repetitorium Hemmer
Bain & Company
Weltweite Benchmark Studie zum kundeninduzierten Wachstum bei Retail Banken
Speaker: Dr. Carsten Prussog
Mo, 27.06.2005, 7 pm, Repetitorium Hemmer
Booz | Allen | Hamilton
Aktuelle Trends im Credit Risk Management bei Banken
Speaker: Dr. Thorsten Liebert

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