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CFR Research Workshop 2010

The CFR Research Workshop took place on April 19th, 2010 in Cologne at AmpegaGerling Asset Management GmbH.

Impressions of the Workshop can be found here.

The CFR Research Workshop served the purpose of intensifying the exchange between researchers at the CFR and the CFR sponsors. At the CFR Research Workshop the members of the CFR research team reported from their ongoing research.

We want to take the opportunity to thank all participants who contributed with their presentations and comments to the success of the Workshop. In particular we would like to thank AmpegaGerling Asset Management GmbH for its support and organization of the Workshop.

15.30Welcome and presentation of the CFR
15.40Presentation: Aktuelle Forschung am CFR - ein Überblick
Prof. Dr. Alexander Kempf
Welche Aktien lohnen sich? - Evidenz aus vier Jahrzehnten
Prof. Dr. Alexander Kempf
16.40 Posterpräsentationen mit der Möglichkeit zu Gesprächen mit den Mitgliedern des CFR Forschungsteams. Themen der Poster u.a.:

  • Mismarking in hedge fund's equity positions: manipulation or typos?
  • CDS Basis Trading
  • Höhe, Struktur und Determinanten der Vergütung deutscher Fondsmanager

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