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Vikas Agarwal, Honglin Ren, Ke Shen, Haibei Zhao
Redemption in Kind and Mutual Fund Liquidity Management
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forthcoming in: Review of Financial Studies

Dmitry Bazhutov, André Betzer, Francois Brochet, Markus Doumet, Peter Limbach
The Supply and Effectiveness of Investor Relations in Insider- vs. Outsider-oriented Markets
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forthcoming in: Management Science

Vikas Agarwal, Hadiye Aslan, Lixin Huang, Honglin Ren
Political Uncertainty and Household Stock Market Participation
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forthcoming in: Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis

Vikas Agarwal, Brad Barber, Si Cheng, Allaudeen Hameed, Ayako Yasuda
Private Company Valuations by Mutual Funds
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forthcoming in: Review of Finance

Tobias Bauckloh, Christian Klein, Thomas Pioch, Frank Schiemann
Under Pressure: The Link between Mandatory Climate Reporting and Firms’ Carbon Performance
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forthcoming in: Organization & Environment

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