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Working Paper 2014

Gjergji Cici, Laura Dahm, Alexander Kempf
Trading Efficiency of Fund Families: Impact on Fund Performance and Investment Behavior
Download Paper (Vers. 09/2017)
published in: Journal of Banking and Finance, Vol. 88, 2018, pp. 1-14.
Vikas Agarwal, Yan Lu, Sugata Ray
Under one roof: A study of simultaneously managed hedge funds and funds of hedge funds
Download Paper (Vers. 11/2014)
published in: Management Science, Vol. 62, 2016, pp. 722-740.
Peter Limbach, Florian Sonnenburg
Is Leisure Consumption Purely Managerial Shirking?
Download Paper (Vers. 11/2017)
Gjergji Cici, M. Gehde-Trapp, Marc-André Göricke, Alexander Kempf
The Investment Value of Mutual Fund Managers’ Experience outside the Financial Sector
Download Paper (Vers. 10/2014)
published in: Review of Financial Studies, Vol. 31, 2018, pp. 3821-3853.
Olaf Korn, Paolo Krischak, Erik Theissen
Illiquidity Transmission From Spot to Futures Markets
Download Paper (Vers. 08/2017)
published in: Journal of Futures Markets, Vol. 39, 2019, pp. 1228-1249.
Erik Theissen, Lars S. Zehnder
Estimation of Trading Costs: Trade Indicator Models Revisited
Download Paper (Vers. 07/2014)
Christopher Fink, Erik Theissen
Dividend Taxation and DAX Futures Prices
Download Paper (Vers. 08/2014)
Felix Brinkmann, Olaf Korn
Risk-adjusted Option-implied Moments
Download Paper (Vers. 08/2014)
published in: Review of Derivatives Research, Vol. 21, 2018, pp. 149-173.
Joachim Grammig, Jantje Sönksen
Empirical Asset Pricing with Multi-Period Disaster Risk: A Simulation-Based Approach
Download Paper (Vers. 05/2020)
forthcoming in: Journal of Econometrics
Joachim Grammig, Eva-Maria Schaub
Give me strong moments and time – Combining GMM and SMM to estimate long-run risk asset pricing models
Download Paper (Vers. 07/2014)
Christoph Sorhage
Outsourcing of Mutual Funds’ Non-coreCompetencies
Download Paper (Vers. 08/2015)
Dieter Hess, Philipp Immenkötter
How Much Is Too Much? Debt Capacity and Financial Flexibility
Download Paper (Vers. 04/2014)
Christian Andres, Markus Doumet, Erik Fernau, Erik Theissen
The Lintner model revisited: Dividends versus total payouts
Download Paper (Vers. 10/2013)
published in: Journal of Banking and Finance, Vol. 55, 2015, pp. 56-69.
Nicholas F. Carline, Scott C. Linn, Pradeep Yadav
Corporate Governance and the Nature of Takeover Resistance
Download Paper (Vers. 03/2014)

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