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Working Paper 2012

M. Gehde-Trapp, Yalin Gündüz, Julia Nasev
The liquidity premium in CDS transaction prices: Do frictions matter?
Download Paper (Vers. 08/2015)
published in: Journal of Banking and Finance, Vol. 61, 2015, pp. 184–205.
Russ Wermers, Youchang Wu, Josef Zechner
Governance and Shareholder Value in Delegated Portfolio Management: The Case of Closed-End Funds
Download Paper (Vers. 11/2012)
published in: Review of Financial Studies, Vol. 29, 2016, pp. 3428-3470
M. Gehde-Trapp, Claudio Wewel
Transatlantic Systemic Risk
Download Paper (Vers. 06/2013)
published in: Journal of Banking and Finance, Vol. 37, 2013, pp. 4241-4255.
Gjergji Cici, Alexander Kempf, Christoph Sorhage
Do Financial Advisors Provide Tangible Benefits for Investors? Evidence from Tax-Motivated Mutual Fund Flows
Download Paper (Vers. 07/2015)
published in: Review of Finance, Vol. 21, 2017, pp. 637-665.
Stephan Jank
Changes in the composition of publicly traded firms: Implications for the dividend-price ratio and return predictability
Download Paper (Vers. 11/2012)
published in: Management Science, Vol. 61, 2015, pp. 1362-1377.
Gjergji Cici, Claire Rosenfeld
A Study of Analyst-Run Mutual Funds: The Abilities and Roles of Buy-Side Analysts
Download Paper (Vers. 11/2015)
published in: Journal of Empirical Finance, Vol. 36, 2016, pp. 8-29.
Alexander Kempf, Alexander Pütz, Florian Sonnenburg
The Impact of Duality on Managerial Decisions and Performance: Evidence from the Mutual Fund Industry
Download Paper (Vers. 10/2013)
Lawrence Schmidt, Allan Timmermann, Russ Wermers
Runs on Money Market Mutual Funds
Download Paper (Vers. 06/2014)
published in: American Economic Review, Vol. 106, 2016, pp. 2625-57.
Russ Wermers
A Matter of Style: The Causes and Consequences of Style Drift in Institutional Portfolios
Download Paper (Vers. 03/2012)
Christian Andres, André Betzer, Inga van den Bongard, Christian Haesner, Erik Theissen
The Information Content of Dividend Surprises: Evidence from Germany
Download Paper (Vers. 06/2012)
published in: Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, Vol. 40, 2013, pp. 620-645.
Christian Andres, Erik Fernau, Erik Theissen
Should I Stay or Should I Go? Former CEOs as Monitors
Download Paper (Vers. 02/2013)
published in: Journal of Corporate Finance, Vol.28, 2014, pp. 26-47.
Laura Andreu, Alexander Pütz
Choosing Two Business Degrees versus choosing One: What does it tell about Mutual Fund Managers’ Investment Behavior?
Download Paper (Vers. 11/2016)
published in: Journal of Business Research, Vol. 75, 2017, pp. 138–146.

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