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Dr. Mathias Hoffmann

Dr. Mathias Hoffmann is researcher at the research center of the Deutsche Bundesbank. He was Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics at the University of Cologne and obtained a PhD in economics from Trinity College at the University of Dublin. Dr. Hoffmann has been a member of the Research Network (European Union / CEPR) Analysis of International Capital Markets: Understanding Europe's Role in the World Economy. His main research interests are international macroeconomics and international monetary policy. He presents his work in regular intervals at international refereed conferences, such as at the European Economic and Econometric Association, the Royal Economic Society, or the Money, Macro and Finance Group. Currently Dr. Hoffmann is working on theoretical and empirical models of international capital flows as well the dynamic adaptation of the balance of payments. Furthermore, Dr. Hoffmann is undertaking research on the optimal exchange rate regime choice in developing countries. He publishes articles in Applied Economics, Economica and European Economic Review.

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